NW Noggin at Neuroscience 2017

Last April, my partner Alison and I got involved with NW Noggin through volunteering at the Portland March for Science. We had been exposed to NW Noggin by co-founders Bill Griesar and Jeff Leake while taking their courses at Portland State University. Since April, both of us have been active with the nonprofit, volunteering to visit schools throughout Oregon and Washington, and participating in events that blend neuroscience and the arts.

Our neuroscience outreach efforts — almost always coupled with Noggin’s signature pipe cleaner neurons — earned us a chance to be a part of a poster presentation about Noggin and how it has influenced us, alongside Noggineers Rebekah Hough, Thomas Madison, and Jessica Patching-Bunch. This poster was to be presented at this year’s meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Neuroscience 2017, which is taking place 11/11-11/15 in Washington, DC. I am honored to have been a part of this poster presentation, although I was unfortunately unable to physically attend the conference due to financial limitations. Alison, Rebekah, Thomas, and Jessica are all in Washington, DC right now, and they will be taking the opportunity to not only present our poster at Neuroscience 2017, but to visit schools in Washington, DC to do outreach, and to present to the STEM Caucus in Congress.

Having had a chance to design the poster, with the help of Alison Mack — who provided the pipe cleaner neuron artwork — will be something I will always remember. If you would like to see a full-sized .pdf of our poster, you can download it here.

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