Travis Christian was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Travis is a spiritual director, writer, minister-in-training, and the producer and host of two upcoming radio shows on WECI 91.5FM — Spirit of Peace Radio and Christian in the Empire. Travis currently splits his time between Richmond, Indiana where he is working on his M.Div. at the Earlham School of Religion and where he serves as Christian Education Director for West Richmond Friends Meeting, and Yellow Springs, Ohio. He is deeply drawn to explore the variety of ways people conceive of and relate to the concept of the Divine.

Travis identifies as a Christian who is fully devoted to following the example of Jesus in living nonviolence and spreading the gospel message of love. His approach to spirituality has also been influenced by the teachings and practices of Sufism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism along with the examples of such figures as Francis of Assisi, John Dear, Francis of Assisi, Dorothy Day, the Berrigan brothers, Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and countless others who have been moved by the power of the Inner Light — that of God that is in each of us.

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