This is a list of some of the projects I have been involved with over the years. This is not an exhaustive list, but it shows the various areas I have had an interest in over the years.

Current Projects

Ahimsatech (2015 – 2016, 2018 – present)

From mid-2015 through mid-2016, Ahimsatech existed for the purpose of providing quality web development, social media, and other online services to businesses, organizations, and individuals working for positive change in the world. In July 2018, Ahimsatech began rebooting for a relaunch in September 2018. [Click here for more]

The Seeker’s Quest Project (2011 – 2015, 2018 – present)

[Write an introductory paragraph about the Seeker’s Quest Project here]. [Click here for more]

Past Projects

Dancing Green (2016 – Present)

Dancing Green is the website of my colleague and partner, Alison Mack. Dancing Green began as a sustainability lifestyle blog and has transformed over the years into what it is today — a place where Ali’s interests, ranging from neuroscience and psychology to art and planners — come together. [Click here for more]